036 - Dishonorverse, Potato Chip Promises, and Hitler's Insecurities

Tales of Honor graphic novel reviewed, extensively, and The Mothers insert a few interesting comments and comparison to other stories that worked, start of discussion about multimedia entries into the Honorverse in order to build excitement over the brand, Star Trek TNG architects seeding planets with humanoids.


Manhattan Projects Volume 1 Science Bad will be the subject of next week's Comic Club, why Jack like alternate world war two stories, Hitler's insecurities: small penis Syndrome, the origin of the Jeep Willys name.

Lay's Do Us a Flavor discussion, CJ's flavors "Smart Bomb," "Cole Slaw," and "Peanut Better" were not chosen for the finalists, the shoe-ins are Greek town Gyro, West Coast Truffle Fries, Southern Biscuits and Gravy, New York Rueben, The ability to order custom potato chips on demand, Bacon Jalapeno Cheddar would be available at will, chips belong in a sandwich, nobody makes cinnamon sugar tortilla chips for sale, Tapatio chips are delicious, you have to eat the whole bag.


SDCC wrap up, did not seem to be the big news stories that it was in recent years, Star Wars Force Awakens push, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford kiss reenactment looked like grandma and grandpa making out, The Mothers talk about standing in line for Star Wars movies.


Batman V Superman trailer, Bruce's motivation, Wonder Woman introduction, typical superhero misunderstanding results in fisticuffs,  Suicide Squad trailer wins over The Mothers,  Jared Leto trailer delivers a better Joker than the stills promised, bad guys making a good movie, Jack is hopeful about the new Fantastic Four movie, Spider-Man is his own universe, another reboot of Spider-Man proves that audiences want to see his origin AGAIN, The hottest Aunt May in history - Marisa Tomei, CJ wants to see The Governator cast as Doc Ock, King Conan movie, The Conan remake with Khal Drogo was a good, fun movie, The original Conan movie featured reallistic sorcery, we should stop using the word organic, also: literally.


Supergirl pilot, doesn't fit in the current DC Dark Universe television/movie, Supergirl is Devil Wears Prada meets The Greatest American Hero, Heroes Reborn is bringing the Heroes characters back to the television, Daredevil does a great job at keeping the stories down to Earth and local, Will Heroes Reborn put the genie back in the bottle? The multiverse has to be saved in every super movie that is released. Remember to buy your Comikaze tickets.


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