049 - Dingdong Mudslide

Desperate Mothers video channel live on youtube, Jack likes Black Widow, the Olsen-Godzilla connection, Avengers, Godzilla foot fetishists would follow the giant monster all over the world, non sexual crushes, a big budget Mothra movie with sexy singing swinging goddess Mothra twins, what came first, the chicken or the egg, Hostess cocktails, ding dong mudslides, Apple Pie-tini, putting the cream in the Twinkie, the Tijuana Short People's Association of Donkey Lovers, the producers of Godzilla missed their chance to make it sexy, sudonym, Spike Lee's Old Boy was amazing, Google image search is responsible for the decline in adult website memberships, things wrong with Avengers 2, Ultron's secret John Cusack fetish, Sex Lies and Grosse Pointe Blank, comic book banter, how to renumber high issue comics and fold them into the long running titles, six month freeze on new comics electronic availability, electronic comics should cost ninety-nine cents, Steve Jobs defined the 99 cent pricing scheme for electronic downloads, current comics are probably more collectible than they've been since the 90's, Suicide Squad is going to be a Harley Quinn movie, Gotham fails to win over The Mothers, Pirate Tomatoes, Robert Downey Jr. is the only person that could play Iron Man, the vampire Charlie Sheen, Wild Things the most replayed movie of all time, see us at Comikaze this year.

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