DMS 053 - Three Dimensional Bunnies and the Stanopus

Thank you for visiting us at Comikaze, does bucks and female bunnies, the great wizard Google, striking out on your own, trail blazing bunnies, spoiling the show, payoff for subscribers, patrons and patreon supported projects, incentives for supporters, test video proved that puppets are hard to shoot, building deep sets, lighting is the second most important element of film, the puppets are real three dimensional objects with a life of their own, bunny cleavage, contacting the mailing list, printing materials that did not make it to the show, a pipe broke in our foundation, the womb was safe from the water resulting from the broken pipe, the flood damage did not reach the womb, nitro glycerin for health, no banner for Comikaze, what kind of print shop is closed on the weekend, the local print shop tried to gouge us, emergency work on Sundays, trudging forward to the show, talent joining us at their leisure, John Candy had fans, disappearing into black chasms, delivering content, the mother humpers, struggling with the bloodlust, let the bunnies out, the explosion of Comikaze!, the high price of film stock, film school kiddies, cut offs, the digitial age, digital writer's block, editing film, director's cuts, Comikaze shirt leftovers, the Stanopus, #hopon.

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