061 – Boss Fights and National Deadpool Month

Post Op VSG, contagious plumbing maladies, repainting, house color featured in videos, the upcoming world record rematch, Pizza Hut deals and drinking old school beers, hipster beer, expensive six packs, artificially increasing the price of gasoline and beer, craft brews versus colored water, pooping happiness, support local breweries, the upcoming elections, things that started as a dare, gun control studies are verboten, the NMA to counter the NRA, Walking Dead versus Into the Badlands, submissive, bottoms, and a dominatrix, the super fighter and ultimate badass, one man versus armies, boss level fights, wire fu, peter pan fights, the matrix innovations, the wrong title is recalled for a Shaw Brothers classic, bracelet time, Game of Resurrections, national Deadpool month, marvel mature subject matter, Wolverine gets the girl, Wolverine's seventh bone, Micronauts new comic book, new Batman versus Superman movie what-ifs, the man from U.N.C.L.E., interest in cold war movies, Trump versus Putin on horseback, like and subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on twitter.

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