Klaus Bunny iron on patches now available!

You've been hearing about it for months!
We showed you proof right here (and on FaceBook if you follow us - click here if you don't)!!
Now get your very own Klaus Bunny iron patch!!!

The Klaus Bunny patch is a real life representation of our ill-fated hero. Klaus Bunny carries the vampire's curse everywhere he goes, and now you can display his image everywhere you go!

The patch is approximately 3 inches by 3.5 inches and fully embroidered in high contrast black & white, sure to stand out on anything you put it on. (Editor's note: Unless that thing you out put it on is white, then it won't stand out very much. Hardly at all, really. Because it is mostly white, and when you put white on white you don't get very much contrast - so not so good at standing out. Maybe don't put it on things that are white, or mostly white.)

You can affix it to almost anything that is safe to iron - because it has an iron on backing, but some of The Mothers like to reinforce their patches with a little stitching.

Support Klaus and The Bunny Rabbit Tragedies. Buy a patch. 

Or not.

More for us.