037 - Radioactive Cannibals, Accidental Intelligence, and Snickers Probes

Comic book club: The Manhattan Projects. Spoiler alert! Topics include horror comics, alterntate views of historical figures, psychosis and gore fests, and radioactive cannibals. Harry's orgy in the Oval Office. Humans are the cockroaches of the universe.  We are the Borg, other singularities. The creation of accidental intelligences, like fleeting fire, the robopacolypse. The Mothers split on their comic book recommendation. Jason's morbid curiousity, small pox blankets and space aliens. Superbugs in cows may save us. Twitter is the new internet, CNN uses Twitter as story sources. The alien overloards will install the queen of the internet as ruler of the world. Mandatory voting via smartphone voting apps. The winner will be endorsed with a happy meal. Lay's Do Us a Flavor chip contest reveals that CJ is bitter his flavors were overlooked. The half life of chips is a long time. Next week the comic book club reads Wytches volume 1 by Scott Snyder and Jock. Shedding CJ update, his weight loss surgery backed up. Concerns regarding the downside of vsg and the problems with maintaining weight loss. Other food issues. Snickers absorbtion, and a giant Snickers butt plug. Did you know? Snickers have veins for your pleasure. Who will be attending Stan Lee's Comikaze? The Mothers of Desperation discuss the cost of self publishing a comic book. See The Mothers at Comikaze, get your tickets now.

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