048 - Capri Agony

All about that face, post Capri Sun challenge, the results in case you missed them, CJ had problems sticking it in, also post taco juice episode, juicing makes everything healthy, you can't get fries at Taco Bell, bad flavors of Capri Sun, side effects of mass consumption, CJ's impending surgery means the eating challenges need to be completed before mid-November, taco shots, taco infused Cuervo, tequila is a natural disinfectant, Tacquila (taco-quila with a silent O), the birth of Juiced Cocktails, fruitcake looms in the future, thunder drone updates, spinning blades and exposed flames, the taco snatcher, Comikaze planning, giving The Habit some love by assigning a roulette game exclusively to their sandwiches, flagship fast food burgers, 151 cake, making almond milk, nut milk, new audio intro.

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