055 - All That and Chicken Fingers

CJ and Jack jabber post meat mountain video, the studio damage backed up production of the shows, hurt Comikaze preparation, CJ's favorite place, packing the womb, holiday season, planning the Christmas podcast, adding up the maybes, Black Friday beer event, cyber Monday purchase, CJ goofs on the gopro, Arby's secret menu item, "All that and chicken fingers!" beef and cheesecake, pumpkin shake, thickness through the straw, taking the whole big beefy concoction whip cream and all, describing the event, upcoming wls, the force calls, Ewok heartbreak, murderous teddy bears, ptesd, the special relationship of clone troopers, zombie peeping toms, online alternatives to seeing the movie, blending fruitcakes and droids, other items it can destroy, and refraining from spoilers.

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