058 - Force Redemptions and Tragic Deadlines

Star Wars The Force Awakens spoilers continue, making up words to the star wars theme song, the original fate of Poe Dameron, Poo-pooing the new installment, A New Hope is awakened, the Ewoks were the first heartbreak, picking up where Revenge of the Sith left off, CJ's box office predictions, last minute redemptions and death bed confessions, Luke's traumatized delusions, the fate of Mace Windu, trailer bait-and-switch, gratuitous boobies and topless tweelas, Jedi are the equivalent of U.N. peacekeepers, Anakin's future was too clouded for Yoda, ground your crazy, make believe stories need to be grounded, force senses, Jedi mind tricking James Bond, Roddenberry canon makes sense, Benedict's wimpy Khan, exiled to Elba, Ghostbusters outrage, a Saturday cast reboot, a funnier alternate female cast, Tammy and three also-rans, flipping the script on racial castings, Hail Cesar, our experiences at comic con, work on the show, thanking the first supporters, Taco Juice fans, meat mountain video, on the fence about exhibiting at WonderCon, Jack's production schedule, the best pitches involve world domination, bunny Easter egg revealed, screen test revelations, shout out to puppet resources, scheduling upcoming conventions and deadlines, how much time do we have left to meet Stan Lee?

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