063 - Donald Trump V The Last Old Man of Krypton

Saint Paddy's Day, Jameson Irish Whiskey Caskmates, craft brew enthusiasts, google cars will save us all, all terrain quadruped robot cars, middle class American pride in automobile ownership, the flat tax lie, a poor man's burden, warning: extreme socialist thinking, Trump refusing debates, Bernie's chops, the politics of Batman V. Superman, The Last Old Man of Krypton, Marvel's Captain America Civil War movie, the new X-Men Apocalypse movie, X-men is a time/mindbender, sports references made, grand slam versus hat trick, Cristiano Rinaldo gets high tech shoes like Back to the Future, stills from movie shoots don't look like the trailers, codpieces, Peepshow Menagerie's Moon Tease, older Sailor Moon fans, Jack's loud whooping surprises his neighbors, Popeye burlesque show ideas, current puppet show plans, ditching WonderCon, dissed by San Diego Comic Con again, onion plans to break walls and wrap up.

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