065 - BBC DGAF and a Purple Rainy Day

The BBC doesn't care if you die before the next season of Doctor Who premieres, fracking the Earth, government television, recording over seasons, losing generations, The Munsters compared to Dark Shadows, a new companion for the Doctor, Jack explains the Whovian's partners in time and paradoxes, octopi, fifty years of the Doctor, profit driven television, the FCC channel presents non-offensive programming all day every day, Captain America Fatal Attraction, super smooth spidey costume, video game graphics in a movie, good 3d, crazy eighties, Imax versus 3d, George r r Martin looking forward to the premiere of GoT, Why George Martin won't write another book, posthumous releases, the legend plan, The Purple One passes, the loss of Prince, Purple Rainy day, patches and swag supporting the show, follow us on the website, tumblr, twitter, and youtube to learn more!

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