068 - Civil War Spoilers and Space Twinkies

The Mothers' extended discussion about the newest Marvel movie contains spoilers, bad jokes, poorly thought out comparisons and totally contrived theories, be warned: spoiler alert, Captain America Civil War, long lines and poor seats, Jack prognosticates the editing of the podcast, overall impressions, Iron Man steals the show, how the movie differed from the comic series, superhero registration act, wish babies, Tony Stark's origin, likes and dislikes, segway killer, surprise hookup, the demise of a main character, the London premiere photo, the end of the movie spoiled the plot, Black Panther Ex Machina, missing bread crumbs, retconning history, Twinkies are our enemies from space, wondering why Pete looks up to Tony, Black Widow gonna do what Black Widow gonna do, giant ants and flying men, great special effects, possible future stories, when mom and dad break up it's the Avengers who lose. Subscribe to the podcast today! Available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play Music. Follow Desperate Mothers on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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