027 - Avengers Spoilers, bad superhero movie rant, and the spinning set prop.

Avengers spoilers inside! You have been warned. The Mothers rant about superhero movies and discuss props for the puppet show. But mostly rant. And spoilers!

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Inside this week's episode: 

tragedy is a staple of comics! pun!!!

hulk eats people? hulk buster armor?

hulking out during climax?

evacuating city in time, 

Hawkeye super-nothing, Black Widow's Special Place of Holding, Lucy was a Black Widow movie, 

Superman 1 F*** stupid movie, Lex should a been a killer, 

Daredevil doing the dirty work - he is the boots on the ground,

Next movie gets smaller: Ant Man, 

Fantastic Four whiplash, teenage Reed Richards a Doogie Howser, Johnny and Sue 'nuff said, 

Hawkeye is really just the chauffeur,

Fantastic Four versus Avengers would be a better movie (than any FF movie ever made)!

TBRT design for set props, 

CGI blood splatter is the worst, 

Black Mirror features the Prime Minister plagued by terrorists, 

what if twilight zone had continuity, 

puppet loners, mia talent, lonely onions, 

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