032 - Remembering Christopher Lee, Vampire Movies, and Maple Syrup

Christopher Lee, dead at 93, and our favorite movies/roles from the master. Do Sith murders steal lifeforce? Teddy bears, Harrison Ford and the daredevil. Other vampire movies: Byzantium and Only Lovers Left Alive. Tom Cruise is an awesome actor, Mission Impossible is incorrectly named, he takes on an entire nation in the new movie. We talk about our listeners numbers. Podcast starts selling merch, buy the Klaus patch at http://www.mkt.com/tbrt now! Also available by visiting our website at www.desperatemothers.net. We will be visiting Comikaze this year as Small Press. Money equals acceptance, Meet the Mothers and some of the puppets and cast of The Bunny Rabbit Tragedies at the show. And we'll podcast from the floor. CJ's accident proneness, previous injuries, unsafe at any fitness level. Send pictures of your TBRT and Desperate Merch to our email address. The podcast email doesn't even get spam. Krispy Kreme Burger Roulette game upcoming, the rules for the game and possible prizes and punishments - you eat what you pull. Maple syrup on the side, eggrolls love maple syrup. The incredible four-hundred pound man and his upcoming verticle sleeve gastrectomy. CPAP torture devices. Tasting Cotton Candy flavored Oreos - blue and pink on the inside. Warning: annoying eating sounds accompany this part of the podcast. Still dissing the s'moreos. Visit us!

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Yummy Cotton Candy flavored Oreos should be even more brightly colored!