033 - Zombie Super Heroes, Naked Superheroes, and Nerdbait Love

Fantastic Four Ultimates and superhero Zombies, Stan Winston School is awesome, Jack of all trades, the ten thousand hour rule, trying to clean the podcast, Peepshow Menagerie's Wonders of Burlesque at the Fais Dodo, some people are oldsters not hipsters, shout out to all the performers on the bill, nerdbait burlesque shows, CJ embraces the nerdbait because it means he doesn't have to pretend to be into cars or boats, nerdbait marketing, nerdrage and nerd jealousy, sometimes we can't tell the difference between Black Widow and Catwoman, missed comic con tickets, San Diego International Comic Conc exhibitor Small Press table cost at 2014 was $400 and for 2015 is $500, they Mothers talk about attending Comikaze as Small Press this year, have to change the pirate puppet's name, CJ might put his face on a giant banner - scary!, the Desperate Mothers logo on a banner, podcasting at the show, Jack may be able to attend his Field of Drafts festival this year, hundreds of listeners enjoy the podcast (if you count repeats), and hidden gems in embarrassing broadcasts.

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