040 - Chocopeños, Vampires, and a FFantastic Moriatorium


Sausage making party, chocopeños, Comic Book Club, Vegas trip, brought our own, no ppv in the Rio, Rhonda Rousey is to the UFC what George Foreman is to boxing, her veteran status earned her a place in the old fart movie Expendables 3, CJ finished reading the entire Manhattan Projects series, reading comics quickly, American Vampire reviews, evil vampires versus sparkly vampires, the old world versus the new west, Snyder's writing suggests rich histories in his stories, the Mothers agree on they like the comic, a quick comic reader comparison, online comics stores, upcoming comics, Jack's pull list, space vampire, the decline of sex comics, don't ruin your pages, comparing tablets and digitizers, with donkey of course, fantastic moratorium, if Galactus were a unicorn fart cloud he would have been rainbow colored, editing for our listeners, next week comic book club reading Preacher by Garth Ennis. Deadpool trailer. FF opening. Subscribe like and join!


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