041 - Importing Cookies, Juicing Threats, and Offending Floppies

Japanese Oreos, are they made in America or Japan? Japanese Oreo Soft Cookies, the importance of new snack foods to the show, serving sizes in America make consumers larger than the rest of the world, foods should be priced per calorie, that pricing schedule would blow the dollar menu out of the water, juicing vegetables, CJ's wls channel, food cheat events, juicing hamburgers, fails equal smoothies, drinking happy meals, whiskey burger mudslide smoothies, offending listeners, Tabasco cookies! the multiple personalities in CJ's head, Comic Book Club reads The Preacher, the guys argue about the level of violence in Preacher versus The Manhattan Projects, accidentally angering religious nutjobs, biblical references and adoptions, saints of all kinds, Preacher helped shape comics, DC owned the fringe comics with the Vertigo line, graphic novels versus floppies, the glut of renumbering comics is daunting to new readers, crossover-mania in summer events, Elric of Melnibone by Titan Comics, giving Elric a movie is like making Dracula a star.

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