042 - Fathering Yourself, Swimming Daleks, and Drinking Tacos

Tase us! Comic Book Club, Titan Comic's Elric review, Borrow Don't Buy, Next week Secret Service, Kingsman movie refs, Sam Jackson steals every scene, Jason didn't watch the movie because it was rated R, #MagicTatum, why the guys love craft brew, Jack's three stages of questionable enjoyment, CJ's upcoming weight loss surgery, Terminator Genisys, Jingle All the Way, can you retcon a movie during the movie? Can a man be his own father? Booksellers, writing jingly songs, the world loves Spice Girls, Dalek is the most dangerous hunting robot, Mother nature would build a swimming Dalek, Shark 3.0 would be very different, Skynet would have gone small building nanites, Zombasaurus Rex, Juicing tacos, invoking the essence of tacos, enjoying vegetables in many different ways, regurgitationists, something interesting this week, Hollywoord Horror Nights, DC Gods and Monsters, DC Bombshells, Mr Robot, year one in the book, year two on deck.

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