034 - Jurassic petting zoo, comic books, and puppets

Spoiler alert! who would go to a dinosaur petting zoo? dinosaur movies must star children to be accessible, holes everywhere, the artist is known as Prince again, the original t-rex is the hero, eff the book, dinos eating people is important, the movie was light on blood, rainbow colored blood, is the Marvel Cinematic Universe humancentric? why are the Marvel Asgardians all right with the Collector's collection? comic reading club will feature Locke & Key Volume 1, The Wrenchies is a long and meandering graphic novel but also an interesting read, another Indie book called the Doctors interested CJ, the afterlife may not be anchored in religion, where does the soul live? the Mothers talk tools used in their shop, circular saws versus table saws, concrete countertops, shop talk, mouth plate building, Luman Coad's Marionette Source Book, buying infromation, Stan Winston School's video courses, BJ Guyer's puppet courses highly recommended, puppetters are the most supportive people on the internet, art critiques can be cruel, Hollywood agents can be crueler, the French Onion puppet plans may include eyes, Killer Tomatoes didn't have eyes, Fuzzy was the best, mechs for operating a mouth off camera, maybe make French Onion plushies, plans on the website for background designs, Limited edition Lemon Twist Oreos, The Mothers try the cookies on air, the guys figure they have to try all the Oreos again because they forgot the milk test, shout out to Fiverr and a new theme song impending, subcontracting to more talented artists, gathering Mothers together to perform, where do the colorful puppets fit in? innapropriate Christmas carols.

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