035 - Comic Book Club, Big Convention Hardships, and NSFMoms

The Mothers read and recommend Locke & Key volume 1, Naughty doins at Hogwarts, spoiler alert, the merits of the Human Centipede movie, the Lovecraft tease, last week's six minutes of dead air may have been the most interesting portion of the podcast, dream devices, next week Honor Harrington Tales of Honor Vol 1, comic reader apps,  Apple making suckers out of grandmas everywhere, Master and Commander in space, violence okay but sex is not, Geek news this week, embargo on Nerdvana, Marvel's absence, Disney conventions and Star Wars celebrations, will the Mouse company create its own superhero convention? digital comic prices all wrong, comic prices higher than ever, albums versus graphic novels pricing menu, small press hardships at comic con, picking up sailor moon, embracing the nerdbait, Playboy models can't fake interest, attending big cons, Jack waxes on about His Majesty's Dragon, Peter Parker not an average nerd, possible videocast in the studio, ask your mom to subscribe, the podcast not safe for moms anywhere, meet The Mothers at Comikaze in October, read along with our club today! 

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