045 - Left Shoe

How many times can The Mothers say Mark Hamill? The Kingsman movie compared to the comic book, gadget use in a coming of age licesnse-to-kill story, natural dead air, silence is not a selling point to advertisers, dead air should be avoided, CJ has to learn to edit better, Heineken buys Lagunitas, The Mothers wonder if the new owner will make a great local brew suck to make it more profitable, hops shortages, Tomorrowland amazes at least one of the guys, a George Clooney crush, BB-8 is all ready starting down the Ewok/Gungan path to sucking, the new Sphero toy robot, BB-8 versus Godzilla, fake videos, trolling the surfers, various ways to fake destroy the popular toy, making bad videos on purpose, juicing General Grievous, steak juice is called blood, making videos for the Desperate Mothers channel, old challenges for old guys, scoring a hot new toy, turning a blind ear, breadcrumb trails, caramel apple flavored Oreos, Guinness flavored potato chips, smokey flavored beer crisps, seven dollar bag of chips from the seven dollar store, Comic Book Club reading for next week is Beasts of Burden Animal Rites. Like, subscribe, and favorite!


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