046 - Capri Sucktitude

Our listeners don't all listen by choice, talk like a pirate day, distributing Krispy Kreme donuts on the freeway, don't make eye contact with strangers, Jack likes hammering, Facebook finally getting a dislike button, unfollow, sad care bears, Wes Craven passes away, Scream was a genius movie, Matt spoils movies in real time, audiences just want to watch movies filled with faces of death scenes or vignettes, The Village failed to make audiences suspend their disbelief, alien chubby, Rotten Tomatoes is the go to movie critic, the sucktitude of Fantastic Four, hit-man Ben Grimm, empty movie theaters, Mad Max is one giant u-turn, the new metal gear game - CJ bought the wrong one, Xbox One love, the new dashboard, backward compatibility, Rare Replay, trade in old consoles, reading the fine print when buying video games, devouring services, modem induced seizures, Mr Robot spoilers, hacking in Hollywood, the villain in Thor 2 was the director, the Church of Superman, alternate comic universe titles, Star Wars sold out toys, more videos, rescheduling the Capri Sun challenge. 

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