051 – Candy Appletini and the Candy Corn Cocktail

Restoring the past, Halloween topics, Stan Lee memorabilia, post candy corn cocktail, the YouTube channel, Will It Juice? or Drink This! the difference in the names of the shows and playlists, Destroy This, we don't want to troll our followers, the slippery slope of collectibles, the super herp, STD tracking app available from the CDC, the limited Desperate Mothers Comikaze t-shirt, The Mothers at table X12, the candy corn cocktail and candy appletini, the Omega 350 HD Juicer is a workhorse for the show, Jack the Taco Snatcher, the Taco Bell taco shot, Jack describes the video in lifeless fashion, yakitini, fresh juice is best, bottom shelf vodkas, what the guys will be doing at the con, the price of autographs, Lou gouges for an autograph on the Hulk lunchbox, free autographs at Disneyland, no interest in line control, plans for the show, injuries, and final thoughts.

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