DMS 052 - Generation Klaus and Legally Cool

Puppets at comic book conventions, red affection, generation Klaus, wonder bread, the Desperate Mothers' Facebook page, The Mothers' placement at Comikaze, Force Awakens breaks internet, guessulating coined, this podcast is nsfw, Desperate Mothers t-shirts, copyright is for cool, "legally cool," collectible trading cards, the most desperate studio on the planet earth, ellipsing plus mass equals unhappy machine, the flood of the house adjoining the studio, talent has been participating lately, Klaus Bunny patches, meat segue, who said eating cured meats increases cancer risk, bacon and asbestos both may be carcinogens, CJ is one of the 10%, getting Rick Rolled at the eleven minute mark, click like and subscribe, CJ is NSFM, black whopper shake, we are not the rational mothers, sleep is for the dead, Pumpkin Spice Oreo Cookies, Eat This!, juicer temptations, milk and cookies juice, join our mailing list!

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