077 - Resting Bored Face

Black Friday edition with CJ, Jack, Matt and Sammie;  Walmart online servers subsidized by the government, repairs to the Most Desperate Studio on Planet Earth, flooding out the wicked, schooled on words that are tight,  grumpy cats at comic conventions, groping booth and the convention, spoiler time windows - when is it okay? Ron Jeremy should host a comic book convention, rjlvpcc, Doctor Strange does not go to Hogwarts, Lois Lane is the quintessential damsel in distress, ranking Batmen, resting bored face, Superman's loyalty pledge, Doctor Strange and Benedict Cumberbatch, the movie lacked a convincing training montage, sling rings and things, Harry Potter cinematic universe - the HPCU, the Mouse makes money, buyout prices, mis-remembering November, white washing Ghost in the Shell, Jackie Chan jumps over buildings well into his old age, the return of Moby Script, some costumes are more unisex than others, Banner Hulks out to impress the ladies, who is worthy of lifting Hulk's hammer? turkey and gravy flavored chips, insects are the food of the future, chocolate chirp cookies, soylent bug. 

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