078 - Oedipus Ren & Emperor Trumpatine

Pods of holidays passed, the pod that makes you ring that bell, there's no white-washing Luke Cage, welcome to the Phantom Menace, Neegan visits your nuts, inner demons provide motivation, good heavy, Naboo callbacks, the return of Jar Jar looms in our future, Leia is the heart of the force, Emperor Trumpatine disbands the senate, fantastic creatures and Harry Potter, the ghost of a person, powers of disbelief, how disbelief would work in the real world, cheaters go to hell, four years of beating a dead horse, POTUS the T stands for Twitter, television journalists citing social media in general, no friends on freindster, always talking about Scarlette Johanson, Tweety Trump, the Frankenstein syndrome, Hulk rage is unending power, Banner in control, Thor 3 won't suck if it not focused on Thor, Matt argues for a Black Wido movie, La Femme Natasha, the Hawkeye movie was a ripoff, Guardians needed to be a comedy, skin grabs and manipulation, yoga pants controversy, movie fair pay and the plot of the Black Widow movie that should be.

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